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John Deere 5050 D – 4WD


John Deere 5050 D – 4WD

Welcome buyers. John Deere Tractor provides premium quality tractors to Indian farmers. One such high-class tractor is John Deere 5050 D. Here we show all the quality features, engine capacity, horsepower, and fair price of John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Tractor. Check down below.

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Engine Capacity

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD engine capacity provides efficient mileage on the field with a 2900 CC engine. It comes with 3 cylinders that generate 2100 engine rated RPM. This tractor powers by a 50 engine Hp and a 42.5 power take-off Hp.

What are John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Quality Features?

  • John Deere 5050 D – 4WD comes with Single/ Dual-clutch embedded with a Collar shift transmission system.
  • The gearbox has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gears for proper navigation.
  • Along with this, John Deere 5050 D – 4WD has a superb 2.97- 32.44 KMPH forward speed and 3.89-14.10 KMPH reverse speed.
  • The tractor comes with a coolant cooling system with an overflow reservoir.
  • John Deere 5050 D – 4WD is manufactured with Oil-immersed disc Brakes.
  • The steering type is Power Steering for the smooth turning of the tractor.
  • It offers 60-litre large fuel tank capacity for long hours on farms.
  • John Deere 5050 D – 4WD has 1600 Kgf strong pulling capacity with automatic depth and draft control linkage system.
  • The dry-type dual-element air filter keeps the tractor dust-free while maximising efficiency.
  • This is a four-wheel-drive tractor with 8×18 front tyres and 14.9×28 rear tyres.
  • The comfortable features like a deluxe seat, mobile charging slot, etc. maximises the farmers’ comfort and convenience.
  • It is highly suitable for accessories like a toolbox, canopy, ballast weight, drawbar, etc.
  • John Deere 5050 D – 4WD weighs 1975 KG and has a wheelbase of 1970 MM.
  • The tractor offers a ground clearance of 430 MM and a turning radius of 2900 MM.
  • Its efficient PTO horsepower enables it to be compatible with heavy-duty equipment like a plough, harrow, cultivator, etc.
  • The unique features include JD link, reverse PTO, roll-over protection system, etc.

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD is a powerful tractor, packed with all essential features required by the modern-day farmers. This tractor will definitely enhance your farm yield and maximise the quantity produced.

With its top-notch features, this tractor has gained admiration from many Indian farmers. Also, this four-wheel-drive tractor enjoys being among the most trustworthy tractors by the brand.

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Tractor Price

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Price in India is reasonable at Rs. 9,60,000 – 10,50,000 Lakh* (Ex-Showroom Price). This tractor proves to be an excellent investment that renders quality results. The tractor prices change due to external factors like location, availability, demand, ex-showroom price, taxes, etc. So, visit our website to get the best deal on this tractor.

John Deere 5050 D – 4WD on-road Price 2024

For other enquiries related to John Deere 5050 D – 4WD, stay tuned with ARIM IHCAT MAKINALARI. You can also find videos related to the John Deere 5050 D – 4WD tractor to get additional information about John Deere 5050 D – 4WD. Here you can also get an updated John Deere 5050 D – 4WD Tractor on-road price 2024.

Get latest John Deere 5050 D – 4WD on road price Feb 23, 2024.

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